Best Designer Handbags

Best Designer Handbags

There are so many new designer handbags this season that it’s hard to say which is the best designer handbags. With today’s economy being in such sad shape, it’s hard to think about the price of a designer handbag and some do feel a little guilty spending that much money on a purse. But we do work hard for our money and deserve to treat ourselves ever so often. And getting one of the best designer handbags is a very sweet treat and a nice reward for our hard work.

The price of a designer handbag can easily compete with most people’s mortgage payments. One such designer handbag flaunted a price tag of $3500. Walking the designer handbag section of one of the higher end stores with a calculator can be a bit depressing. None of them will be less that five figures. But the good news is that there are designer handbags that will even compliment a good pair of jeans and tee shirt.

What makes the best designer handbags so expensive is not just the name on the tag, but the materials that the handbag in constructed with. Since these handbags are made with only the highest quality leather, the best material for the lining, you can understand the rather high price. Each handbag is hand made and that costs extra as well but these handbags are more of an investment and can be handed down through the generations if taken care of. Other family members can also enjoy the best designer handbags in this way.

We want to look good and still be able to make the monthly mortgage payment. With that in mind, one might want to see a designer consultant. These consultants will steer you in the right direction so that you can find the right handbag to fit both your needs as well as your wallet. Sometimes you can even find a good site online for a designer handbag that you can afford. Estate sales are a good place to look as well. There is nothing wrong with a pre-owned handbag if it’s been taken care of.

Buying online is quick and easy. With a little research, you might be able to make a good deal on a nice designer handbag at a reasonable price. Decide which bag you want, then in another window, pull up the designers site. Look closely at the materials that the bag is made of, stitching and the lining. Compare the picture on the designer site with the one on the site you are thinking about buying from. If you see sloppy stitching or other differences, then the bag is a fake.

If you decide to purchase your designer handbag online then use some caution. There are a lot of sites that are scams and are either going to keep your money without sending any goods, or the handbag that you get will be a fake. Report these to the Better Business Bureau. Selling fake bags is a criminal offense. You should only by designer handbags at the actual designer site which will sometimes have these for a discount. There are also designer handbag discount sites as well that can save you a considerable amount of money. This way you get the best designer handbags that you actually want.

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