Gucci Designer Handbags

Gucci Handbags

The Gucci designer handbags are some of the most famous in the world. One of the more popular of their lines is the Gucci Hobo handbag. The Hobo handbag has plenty of room for everything that the active modern woman carries. Makeup, cell phone and organizer all have their places inside this bag. The Gucci designer handbags never go out of style either.

These designer handbags complement any clothing in the modern woman’s wardrobe too. From the office to the grocery store, any situation is appropriate for this handbag. Of course, the imitation Gucci bags are much cheaper but some women do not want to make that sacrifice and only want the real thing.

The Gucci Hobo bags are made to fit snugly onto a woman’s shoulder. This way, the woman does not have to worry about the strap slipping down and being an annoyance. They have ample room for everything needed. They give a woman grace and finesse.

The wealthy woman knows all about the difference between a fake Gucci bag and the real thing. So here are a few tips on how to tell the difference between the two. Look inside the bag for an authenticity card. All of the real Gucci designer handbags have these inside. These are informational cards. They will have the model number as well as a bar code on them. This card is usually located inside one of the inner pockets of the bag This is the first clue that the Gucci designer handbag is the real thing.

Also, check the prices on the Gucci website and compare those with the other sites that offer the same bag. If the price is too good to be true then it probably is. Don’t be sucked in by a cheaper price when you really want the original quality item. That’s not to say that imitations are made cheaper but you never know for sure and if you are willing to pay the price for the acutal real thing then you shouldn’t have to settle.

Most of the authentic designer handbags have a logo on them and sometimes it is even in a particular place on the bag. Again, check with the actual designer website and take a very close look at the bag’s details such as the logo. The Gucci bag should have the letter G splashed all over it. Any name other than the designer should send up warning signals.

Another thing to look for is the signature lining inside the purse that most designers use. The designer’s monogram will be woven into the fabric. These linings are always of a smooth and silky material which are sometimes even satin. The color of the lining will always complement the color of the outside of the purse.

Never expect to get an exclusive designer bag from a street vendor. It just won’t happen. These are always the fake designer bags. There is no detail in the lining and the material inside is always very stiff. Always be sure that your Gucci designer handbags are the real thing.

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