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Just about everyone knows that the easiest way to buy designer handbags is online. You save time, gas and money buying online right? Not always. The news is filled with stories of online scams being investigated by the district attorney. But with the tips here, you can shop online in relative safety and know that you are shopping smart to buy designer handbags online.

There are a lot of shops online that sell fake designer handbags. It’s hard to spot these since you can’t actually inspect the handbag that is being sold online…or can you? If the site you are thinking about buying from has photos of the designer handbags then it is a simple thing to pull up another tab in your browser, go the actual designer site and compare the pictures of the handbags. Of course, the scam site might have stock photos.

Check the site out with the Better Business Bureau and ask if there have been complaints about the suspected site. Check the price of the bag on the site that you are thinking about buying from. This is a sure way to see if the bags offered are fake or not. If the bag offered is less than $700 then it’s probably a fake. You don’t want to buy a designer handbag that’s a fake.Also check the location of the site, if the bag is “Made in China” then it’s a fake for sure. When you do order online and get the bag that you paid for, check the stitching. If they are even and neat, then it’s a real designer handbag. Another thing to look for is the quality of the lining. Check on the designer site to see what the lining is made of. Also check to see what kind of hardware is used on the actual designer site. Compare that to the hardware on the purse that you receive. These are the ways to make sure that you buy a designer handbag that is worth the money you spend.

So with all of this in mind, why does a woman insist on buying these handbags that cost as much as a monthly mortgage payment? The answer to that is surprisingly simple. All women like to feel wealthy even if they aren’t. And with today’s economy, that is getting harder and harder to do. So the next best thing to paying full price for one of these expensive handbags is to look for good sales and discounts.

When a woman buys a designer handbag, it gives her self-esteem a much needed boost. Plus, if there a job interview in the foreseeable future, the handbag will give an air of success and self confidence. This might just mean the difference between getting a good paying job and not getting it. Employers notice everything about an applicant. So when a woman buys a designer handbag it just might mean a secure future. And a well made designer handbag can be passed down from generation to generation.

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