Bottega Veneta Designer Handbags

Bottega Veneta  Handbags

The Bottega Veneta designer handbags have the most unique weaving pattern which sets it apart from other designer handbags. For one thing, it is a woven leather handbag. Most handbags are made of a stiffer cut of leather. The Bottega Veneta designer handbags have been spotted at many movie premiers and theater openings being carried by the stars.

This line of designer handbags are bright and colorful to help bring out any neutral colored or drab colored outfit the owner might have. It brings sparkle and life to the wearer. But these handbags aren’t just for looks. They are very functional as well. Everything a woman carries, such as cell phones, organizers and makeup, fit very well inside the handbag. It is lined in velour, has a sturdy inside zippered compartment and a pocket for your cell phone as well.

The Bottega Veneta designer handbags are famous for their softness. Once the leather has been weaved, it becomes extremely soft and doesn’t snag your clothes. The creator of the Bottega Veneta is owned by the Moltedo family of Italy. Veneta is the name of the family owned company. The rather unique way of leather tatting has made the company famous since the 1970’s. Bottega Veneta is famous worldwide and so are their exclusive handbags. When you buy a Bottega Veneta handbag you know that you are getting a handcrafted, quality bag.

Since 1966, Bottega Veneta has put the combination of skill and quality at the forefront of their goods. Their bags are made with the ultimate handwork and craftsmanship. They have set a new and higher standard which others try to imitate but can’t. The classic animal patterns and winding leather patterns remain amongst the most popular. There was a time when the Bottega Veneta popularity declined but they have risen back to the top again. With the takeover of the second generation of the Moltedo came more modern designs. This is when Thomas Maier joined the company. Born in Germany and graduating from college in France, he worked with HERMES for nine years. He was one of the top leather designers at the time. With his fresh designs and leather input, the company quickly regained their fame.

The ultimate in fashion, the prestige of the Bottega Veneta handbag is timeless. This woven leather bespeaks a time when care and love were put into each item that is handmade. The newest design for women is the Bottega Veneta intrecciato clutch purse which comes with many embellishments on it’s intricate design and has an antique pink color. This has been very popular with the younger women and is a definite fashion statement.

For both quality and style at a reasonable price, you just can’t beat the Bottega Veneta designer handbags. These handbags will last you for many years to come. They are both durable and functional. They also add class and distinction to any outfit that you wear. And they go with any occasion, either with formal wear or casual clothing. The Bottega Veneta designer handbags has that versatility.

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