Christian Louboutin Designer Handbags

Christian Louboutin Handbags

Christian Louboutin designer handbags are a hot item this season. First, a little of the history of Christian Louboutin. He was born on January 7, 1964 in Paris, France and has three sisters. His father is a cabinet maker named Roger Louboutin. His mother’s name is Irene. Christian Louboutin is most famous as a bootmaker and footwear designer but there is also the line of Christian Louboutin designer handbags as well.

Christian-Louboutin handbagsAlthough Louboutin faced a lot of family disapproval at his decision to drop out of school early, he said that his determination was made stronger after watching an interview with actress Sophia Loren in which she stated that her sister had to leave school at the age of 12. He did not have much formal design training but he loved drawing elaborate high heel designs. He brought these drawings to some of the top couture houses. This resulted in his employment with Charles Jourdan. Louboutin then met Roger Viver and became an apprentice in Viver’s atelier.

In order to decide if the Christian Louboutin designer handbag is a fake or not, you have to acutally go to the designers website first and look at the picture of the bag that you want there. Notice the materials used, the stitching of the purse and the outside hardware. The true Christian Louboutin handbag has so many variations of designs that it is sometimes impossible to tell a fake from the real thing but always check the designs on the website that you are planning to buy from with the same design on the designer website. If you do find a site that sells fake Christian Louboutin designer handbags, report it to the Better Business Bureau.

These are very special handbags and they are very beautiful as well as functional. You can match one of these handbags with anything in your closet and feel very special carrying it. The fox fur clutches are especially attractive. But for everyday, one of the more practical designs of handbags is perfect. They are especially practical for job interviews because of the size of the handbag. You can carry a folder quite comfortably in these handbags. And all of your other necessities will fit nicely as well.

Sometimes if you look at estate sales you can find a Christian Louboutin designer handbag with a bargain price tag. Check to see if it is real or a fake. Usually a designer handbag will have some sort of information tag usually in a pocket of the purse. This will look somewhat like a credit card. Also make sure that the lining inside isn’t torn. Make sure that the stitching is even and not sloppy. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that hasn’t been taken proper care of. Also make sure that the strap isn’t torn or broken. You might even be able to find one of these special handbags on a designer discount site. Just make sure that you are getting a real Christian Louboutin designer handbag.

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