Luxe Designer Handbags

Luxe Designer Handbags

Ever wonder who makes Luxe designer handbags? The Luxe company is owned by Roberto and Margie Szerer and for over 30 years they have shared a passion for luxury lifestyle brands. They are committed to offering truly authentic designer handbags at affordable prices. Their vision of an online boutique that women can actually afford is a dream come true. They have a highly trained team of professionals who make these handbags with loving care and pay attention to details of their designs.

This entire team give one hundred percent of their efforts to make sure that ever handbag is certified as an original design. They know that a simple handbag often reflects the owner’s personality and style. The right handbag can often project pride and dignity. But there are online sites that do sell fake Luxe hadbags and you have to know how to tell the difference in order to avoid being scammed.

If you check the Luxe designer site, you can check every angle of each handbag. If you see any uneven stitching, then you know that the bag is a fake. Luxe designer handbags are made with only the finest quality workmanship with only perfectly even stitching. A lot of consumers don’t check this stitching closely enough. You have to learn to train your eyes to spot signs of a fake handbag. The authenticity card is another important thing to learn to examine. The numbers on the card should match the number on the inside of the bag. Sabina and Kim are authenticity experts and have combined fifteen years experience in the authentication process.Their ability to spot a fake Luxe designer handbag makes their input very valuable. So if you suspect that the handbag is a fake, you can consult with them on the Luxe website.

Each handbag is inspected carefully by two authentication specialists before being sold. They can be consulted through the customer service dept at the site. They always respond promptly. And you can always ask them about other designer handbags as well. There is no charge for this service.

High end department stores run clearance sales sometimes on designer handbags, so you might be able to save some money in this way. Just make sure that if you buy online, that the site is a reputable dealer for designer handbags.

Sometimes, if you are very lucky, you can find pre-owned Luxe designer handbags that are preowned. These are usually in very good condition, but it’s always a good idea to closely inspect the bag to make sure that there are no tears in the materials. If the leather is just a little dry, you can get a leather restoration spray that will make it soft and supple again. These sprays usually contain a cleaner to remove any stains as well. Just make sure that the lining inside is in very good condition before paying a lot of money for the bag. Estate sales are usually a good place to look for these used bags. As long as they have been kept in reasonably good shape, there is nothing wrong with a pre-owned Luxe designer handbag.

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