Balenciaga Designer Handbags

Balenciaga Handbags

Here is a little history of the Balenciaga designer handbags. Cristóbal Balenciaga opened his first exclusive designer store in San Sebastián, Spain in 1918. This quickly grew to include branches in Madrid and Barcelona. Although his designs grew in popularity to include the Spanish royal family, the Spanish Civil war forced him to move to Paris.

Balenciaga then opened his Pairs fashion house on Avenue George V in the Fall season of 1937, and his first fashion design show featured many designs that were influenced by the Spanish Renaissance. He was met with immediate success. In fact, within two short years, the French press touted him as a revolutionary new designer and his designs were much sought after.

With such a rich history of clients, including the Kennedys, who would not want a Balenciaga designer handbag? But, you need to be on the lookout for fakes because there are plenty out there especially online. Here are a few tips to tell a real Balenciaga designer handbag from a fake one.

When you look at a Balenciaga handbag, examine the purse’s leather very closely. Balenciaga bags are somewhat unique in that they are made of distressed goat leather. It should have a soft and very supple feel. It is extremely flexible and if you stand the purse up, it will slouch. If it stands up on it’s own then it’s a fake.

Also look at the hardware on the handbag because Balenciaga only uses brass or dull silver on it’s bags. If the hardware is shiny, then it isn’t an original Balenciaga designer handbag. Also look closely at the stitching on the purse. If it is sloppy and uneven stitches, then it’s not the real deal. Balenciaga handbags have even and neat stitching showing much pride in craftsmanship. No loose threads should be there.

On every zipper, there should be a leather tassel made from the same soft leather as the body of the purse. If these are shiny and have a patent leather look, then the purse is a replica. There also should be a name plate inside the bag. This should always be on the inside not the outside. These tags will be either metal or leather and will have either the purse style or authenticity number on it. You need to check any extra tassels that come with the purse as well. If they are rolled up in a circle, it’s not a real Balenciaga purse. The extra tassels should always be in a clear, flat plastic wrapping.

The best advice is to go to the actual Balenciaga website and look closely at the pictures there. If the person selling the purse does not have photos of the purse, then the one you are considering is more than likely a fake purse. Make sure that the photos on the seller’s site aren’t just stock photos from another site. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a purse that isn’t a real Balenciaga designer handbag.