Designer Handbags Outlet

Designer Handbags Outlet

The designer handbags outlet is for the woman who wants to own a beautiful handbag but does not have a lot of money to spend. These designer handbags can cost thousands of dollars yet women want to project success in their lives. Many women look to discount stores to find a suitable and attractive designer handbag. But the best place to find one of these handbags and save money too is a designer handbags outlet.

These outlets are found online and all over the world. They carry most of the designer names such as Coach, Dooney and Burke, Louis Vutton and many more. Watch out for replicas though as they are flooding the market in recent years. Look at the designer site for a description of the stitching and more ways to recognize these fakes.

The first thing to consider before buying one of these bags is the price. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Even a designer handbags outlet can sell a replica. Only a replica would be sold for $200 if it is worth over $1000 so be careful and don’t buy on impulse. The exception to this rule would be an estate sale. It is very possible to get a good deal on a designer bag at one of these. Sometimes an auction can be just as useful. Use common sense though when shopping at a designer handbag outlet and you might just find a deal that you can live with.

You don’t want to spend thousands on something that is a fake when you want an actual designer handbag. Check the stitching on the bag, if it isn’t even and neatly stitched then it’s a fake. Designers are very picky about workmanship on their lines of handbags and most are made by hand. They don’t want shoddy stitching on their handbags. Check the lining of the bag as well and compare it to the lining used on the actual designer site. It is illegal for a fake bag to have the exact design as the original. These designs are protected under patent laws so the person making the fake bags will have to modify the design somewhat. Check the actual designer website and take notes on the lining, signature tags, and color as well as the materials that the designer uses.

No matter how careful the designer handbag outlets are, sometimes a replica can pass through. It isn’t just the designer name on the bag that makes it so expensive, it’s also the work and materials that goes into the purse. These materials are costly but that’s what makes them last a long time. So it is actually an investment. But there are plenty of scam artists out there just looking to take your money. Make sure you are aware of the differences between the actual designer bag and the fakes. If you are careful and do some research, you can actually find a good deal at these designer handbag outlets.

Designer Handbags Wholesale

Designer Handbags Wholesale

Here is some information for those who are looking to get designer handbags wholesale. If you are looking to make some really good money then selling these designer handbags at a wholesale price is the way to go. Wholesale prices are always cheaper than retail. It isn’t an easy task, though, to find a reputable dealer in designer handbags wholesale.

There can be many hours wasted in endless searches for just one of these dealers that is on the level. So many sell only fakes online and get away with it because you can’t examine the handbags as closely as needed to tell the difference. Most of the wholesale lists are just empty Google searches. Even worse are the ones who take your money and then fail to deliver. Below you will find a list of scams that are currently running.

The first of the more obvious designer handbag scams are the ones who post on various message boards or site forums pretending to be wholesale dealers for the handbags. When you contact the person, they will send you a “list” of the items that they have for sale. Some even go so far as to include fake pictures of the goods. These photos of designer handbags wholesale are usually from some other site. Then, when you place an order, they ask you to pay in a method that is not traceable. You sit and wait and wait for your order but it never comes and when you try to find¬†the site again, it’s gone. This is a designer handbags wholesale scam site.

Another big scam online is the “wholesale lists” that are for sale on many popular auction sites as well as E-bay. A warning in advance, these are all scams. These fake lists normally sell for one dollar to $9.99. Nobody would sell such a valuable source for that small an amount of money. If they even do send a list, you can throw in the trash where it belongs. Below, you can see what a legitimate designer wholesale site will do.

A legitimate designer handbags wholesale site will have authentic designer handbags period. Their handbags should include designer dustcovers and designer authenticity tags. They will offer discounts of 50-75% off of retail prices. This is how you make a profit. They will also offer a money back guarantee on their goods. This is an insurance that the handbags are the real thing and not fakes. They will require a minimum purchase of at least five bags.They will never offer Louis Vuitton bags. LV is very strict about who they sell wholesale to. A legitimate wholesale site will provide all the contact info that you need. If a site does not offer everything listed here, then run and do not look back. You will also never have to pay a setup fee with a legitimate designer handbags wholesale site. Follow the above guidelines and you never be scammed or loose any money.

Designer Handbags on Sale

Designer Handbags on Sale

Finding the perfect designer handbag on sale can be, to a woman, like finding a gold mine. Not only do these bags add class but adds a bit of sophistication and the woman holds her head a little higher and walks with more self confidence when she knows that she looks good. The sad truth is that with the economy today most women cannot afford to pay full price for a handbag like this and is forced to try to find designer handbags on sale.

Bags are usually overstocked during the holidays so it’s pretty easy to find the bags on sale either right before Christmas or immediately after. You can catch some good deals around that time. Visiting your retail store or mall on a regular basis is one good way to stay up to date on the sales. Watching for sales paper in the mail or in the Sunday paper is another good way to do this footwork. You can also go to dealers websites and “tag” an item to receive notifications by email when that item goes on sale. You can also sign up online to receive these notifications.

Another way to keep with these designer handbags is to watch for the pre-sale. A few weeks before the actual sale the store usually has a pre-sale where select items are put on sale. This can save a lot of time and work looking for the designer handbags on sale. You can save a lot of money on the bags as well as in time and gas searching for the perfect handbag that you want.

You will also avoid the big sales rush that inevitably comes around the holidays which is enough to make anyone loose their minds. Women fighting over designer handbags on sale is never a pretty sight and it does happen.

For the avid shopper, the internet can be used to hook up to several stores at one time. Even high end stores and specialty designer shops have web sites these days which is how they get most of their orders. In fact, more and more women are doing the vast majority of their shopping online. It’s easier and most of the time it’s cheaper as well. You can find some really good sales online that you cannot find anywhere else. And if the only store that has a specific item that you want such as a designer handbag on sale is clear across the United States, then it is doubtful you would actually go all the way there in person to get what you want.

But remember, buying online can be tricky. If you decided to buy a designer handbag on sale over the Internet, visit the designer’s site first and take note of the stitching, authenticity tags, an material that is used before buying at the site where the sale is. That way you know that you are really getting a designer handbag on sale and not a fake.

Designer Handbags for a Cheap Price

Designer Handbags for a Cheap Price

Every woman on the face of this Earth would love to have designer handbags for a cheap price. The sad truth is that if you try to get one of these handbags too cheaply you will wind up buying a fake handbag that you really don’t want. Owning one of these designer handbags for a cheap price gives a woman not only the sense of pride that these handbags give, but knowing that full price wasn’t paid for it makes her hold her head even higher.

One way to get these wonderful handbags without paying full price is to watch for sales at high end department stores. Usually you can get at least a 25% discount and that can add up to some major bucks. If you are into auctions, try the ones that are estate auctions. You can save thousands of dollars at those and most of the time, the handbags have been taken very good care of. Consignment shops can also provide a savings as well but be sure and check the condition of the bag.

You can find shops online which sell designer bags cheaply too but be sure and compare the pictures on the discount shop with the pictures on the designer site. Look for shoddy workmanship such as uneven stitching, cheap lining or fake leather. Some of these are easier to spot than others. If you want to make sure that the designer handbag for a cheap price is real or not, modern technology can help here too. If you send the ID numbers on the inside of the bag to the designer site by email, they can verify it’s authenticity. Or, if you are actually in a shop, you can take a picture of the bag, inside and outside, and send it by email to the designer site. They can then verify if it is actually a designer handbag for a cheap price.

Buying online may be quicker but you can’t actually handle the product and look at it to make sure that it isn’t a fake. Sometimes you can browse in malls and find liquidation or going out of business sales that aren’t advertised. You can pick up some really good deals on handbags this way. Window shopping is a relaxing thing to do and you can pick up on some good discounts in the process. If the holiday season is coming up, then look for pre-sales sales. These are little sales that stores run a couple of weeks before the actual holiday sales run. Not only will you be able to pick up a designer handbag for a cheap price, but we all know how ugly crowds can get during the holiday sales. So you will also possibly avoid fist fights that the shoppers get into. Nerves are very frayed at that time of year, so make sure you aren’t one of those victims. But again, watch out for the fakes that will also be around at that time of year. Make sure you buy from a reputable dealer whether you shop online or in the malls. You want to get a real designer handbag for a cheap price, but you don’t want a fake.