Dooney Bourke Designer Handbags

Dooney Bourke Handbags

Dooney Bourke designer handbags are very exclusive and sold only at high end stores. Dooney & Bourke was founded in 1975 by Peter Dooney and Fredric Bourke in South Norwalk, Connecticut. The founders launch items were surcingle belts, but started the handbag line in 1981.They quickly climbed the ladder of success after the enormous popularity of the All Weather Bag in 1983. This was a very simple messenger-style purse made of a unique pebble leather with a smooth leather trim. The duck tag, which was the original logo, was attached to the front of the bag.

Dooney and Bourke handbags are available in a wide variety of styles including the classic tote. There is also the baby satchel, domed satchel, and many others. One way to make sure you are getting an original D&B handbag, look for the D&B logo or monogram. These handbags are also made with British tan leather handles and checking these handles are one of the simplest methods to tell if the bag is a fake or not.

Only brass hardware instead of silver plates or brass studs adorn these magnificent handbags. Another stand out feature of the Dooney & Bourke designer handbags is the visible red, white and blue registration number that is always sewn under a leather seam on the inside of the handbag. Of course, if the price of the bag is really cheap then that should be a dead giveaway that the bag is not an original. Never expect something for nothing. Below are some more ways to tell if your Dooney & Burke designer handbag is authentic or not.

First, you should always check the stitching of the bag. The stitches should be small, straight and neatly sewn into the bag. If the bag has a duck emblem, the duck’s bill will not be attached in most cases. Another point to check is the logo. The “D” and “B” will be both frontwards and backwards. The bottom of the “D” should align exactly with the middle of the “B”. The inner lining of the bag should have a Dooney & Burke label that is sewn, not glued, into the material.

Look for the rivets of the bag to have “Dooney & Burke” printed on them. Also if the bag has a buckle for closure, it should have “solid brass” engraved on it. If you’re Dooney & Burke handbag has feet on it, it will always be an even number of feet.

Take note of where the bag was made. The U.S., China, Italy and Mexico are the only places in the world that Dooney & Burke designer handbags are made. Check the inner authenticity label. Any charms or other decorations which are attached to the bag will always be done with a small piece of leather, never with a chain, and will never be attached to the zipper. These are the most obvious ways to make sure that your Dooney & Burke designer handbags are original and not fakes. Never settle for less than the original.