Fendi Designer Handbags

Fendi  Handbags

The “baguette” style handbag has made the Fendi designer handbags world famous. The Fendi house of design was started in 1925 as a fur and leather shop located in Rome. Fendi specializes in making antique handbags which are very popular. These are a growing preference among modern women as a way to return to simpler designs. The Fendi designer handbags are more popular now than ever.

This season, the Fendi handbag is exclusively in cowhide leather made in an ancient style. The main handbag design uses basic colors such as black, white, brown and camel. These project a mature elegance for the modern woman. The shining leather surface enjoys a fluid stitching and expert leather cutting. Thick and proper stitching with narrow straight lines sets the Fendi bags apart. The 2010 season has offered many new styles of the Fendi bags.

There are certain features to look for when purchasing one of these delightful bags. You don’t want to spend money on an imitation when the real thing is so beautiful. First, talk to the seller. If he is a reputable dealer they will be able to provide proof of the bag being an authentic Fendi designer handbag. Look at the strap of the handbag. Fendi only uses leather core straps on it’s bags. Even if it appears to be a plastic strap, the inner core will be leather. Inspect the inner lining of the purse. The inner lining will be stitched and will be either satin or leather. One rather unique way to tell if the bag is real or not is to smell the inside of the purse. It should smell like calfskin. A fake Fendi designer handbag will smell like chemicals.

Fendi bags never loose their value. They are actually an investment and if taken care of properly can be handed down through the generations.There are currently over a hundred different of these wonderful Fendi handbag designs. These bags are as functional as they are attractive. The attention to detail is amazing. Each handbag is handmade with careful attention to perfection. These are not cheap handbags either. Some women save for over a year to be able to purchase one of these bags.

You can also take the purse to an actual Fendi dealer. They can examine the purse to tell if it is real or an imitation. Some will charge a fee for this but some will do it for free. Be sure and check the quality of the workmanship of the bag. A fake will have sloppy stitching and the colors won’t be right. Neither will the material that the bag is made from. You want to make sure that your Fendi designer handbag is the authentic article. Remember to take care of your Fendi designer handbag and will last for years. Keep a gentle formula leather cleaner on hand to clean your Fendi designer handbag. Clean it at least once a month, more than that if it gets stains on it.