Hermes Designer Handbags

Hermes Handbags

First, a little of the history behind the Hermès designer handbags. Since 1837, Hermès has specialized in leather, lifestyle accessories, luxury goods and ready to wear items. The Hermès logo, which hasn’t changed since 1950, is a Duc carriage with horse. The Hermès family were Protestant Germans who settled in France in 1828. In 1837, Thierry Hermès first established the Hermès name as a harness workshop on the Grands Boulevards portion of Paris. They were dedicated to serving Paris nobility. He created the finest made harnesses and bridles for the carriages. The Hermès designer handbags were soon to follow in production.

Hermès’s son, Charles-Emil Hermès, took over as manager of the company and relocated the shop to 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where it still operates to this day. This is where the company decided to branch out into retail sales. With the help of his sons, Adolphe and Emil-Maurice Hermès, the company was able to boast of such customers as the elite of Europe, North America, Russia and Asia. In 1900, the firm offered the Haut à ourroies, which were designed for riders to carry on their saddles. Shortly after the sons takeover, Emile-Maurice received the first patent for zipper use on leather clothing and other leather goods.

Some times you can find Hermes handbags offered online. If you are suspicious as to whether or not your Hermes designer handbag is a fake or an original, there are a few things to look for. First, you need to check under the right hand strap for a blind stamp with a circle or square that has the date when the bag was made. Hermes always uses a special numbering system. The year 2008 is the year L. There should also be a craftsman ID number as well. There are still other things to look for to make sure that your Hermes designer handbag isn’t a fake.

Check the closure hardware. Hermes handbags uses only palladium or 24K gold hardware. The fake handbags will use steel. Also check the stitchings which should be regular and in the same directions. Check the borders of the exterior leather and glue on the inside corners. There should be no irregularities. This should be very smooth surfaces. In addition, the zipper on the inside pocket should have a leather pull strip attached. This should run horizontal to the zipper.

A real Hermes designer handbag should stand up on it’s own. The hardware of the feet should match the other hardware pieces and should be screwed on securely. Smell the inside of the bag. It should smell of leather. The markings should read as follows- Hermes Paris, Made in France. These should be embossed in gold on the leather. Always make sure that you have a real Hermes designer handbag and not a fake. If, however, you do find a bag that is a fake Hermes, report them to the Better Business Bureau. It is a crime to sell fake designer bags.