Juicy Couture Designer Handbags

Juicy Couture Handbags

Juicy Couture fashions are fun, bright and colorful and this includes the Juicy Couture designer handbags as well. The United States is home to well over 100 of the Juicy Couture outlet stores and you can also find their fun and flirty designs in many department stores as well. They are based in Arleta, Los Angeles, California. The company was founded by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor in 1966 but was later bought out by the Liz Clairborne company. They are best known for their bright velour tracksuits as well as other clothing and the Juicy Couture designer handbags.

Designer handbags of any kind are never cheap. That’s what makes it a special treat for a woman to indulge in for herself. So when paying out sometimes thousands of dollars for a special item like this, she wants to make sure that she isn’t getting a fake designer bag. So how does one tell if it is a real Juicy Couture handbag or a fake?

Almost every one of the Juicy Couture handbags will have small round metal knobs, or feet,usually brass, with the exclusive Juicy Couture signature engraved on it. There should also be a tag which says 100% Cowhide Leather. The fakes have cheaper imitation leather material. The authentic Juicy Couture designer handbags will have 100% leather handles. Real leather is very soft to the touch and has that “leather smell”. Even the metallic bags have a soft feel to them. If there are any charms or hardware on your Juicy Couture designer handbag, will have the Juicy Couture engraved on the metal.

Be sure to examine the quality of the bag. No sloppy stitching will ever be on a Juicy Couture handbag. The stitches are always even and neat. There will always be a “J” stitched onto the mirror fob which is always heart shaped. There will also be “I am the Fairest” on the mirror strap and “Hello?” on the cell phone pocket. These will be embossed and not painted on.

The colors of the fake bags will be in sharp contrast to those of the real Juicy Couture bags. Look at the color of the real bags online before you go out to shop. For example, the fake will be hot pink, not soft pink or teal, not light blue. The shape of the bag will be totally different on the fake bag as well.

Also check the authenticity tags of the bag. These should contain information about the designer and where to get in touch with them. Some fake bags don’t have them at all or they are off center. In addition, there should be a dust bag which is NOT plastic. You can compare these online to see what the actual authenticity tags look like.

If you see that the price is lower on the bag you get than what the same bag is listed for on the actual Juicy Couture site, then it is more than likely a fake. Report this to the Better Business Bureau because it is fraud. Make sure that you are buying a real Juicy Couture designer handbag.