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kurtmenKurtmen Handbags

Kurtmen design handbags are climbing the ladder of popularity, especially in Texas where the company is based. Kurtmen has been making handbags for eighteen years. This makes them relative newcomers on the fashion scene and Texans are very proud of them as well. Their personalized service is one of a kind and each purse is handmade with loving care and natural stones.Kurtmen handbags combine outstanding style with the functionality expected to hold your things. Although many have endangered species as a design, none are made with actual animal hides except for the leather ones. Kurtmen design handbags are beautiful and a definite fashion statement.

Kurtmen handbags come in an extensive selection. You can choose from many designs to suit your needs. These are handmade handbags made from only the finest leathers and other natural materials. The Rose handbag has a hand tooled strap which is detachable black pony with coral and crystal on top and red tooled leather underneath. The bag itself is leather and has red coral hand-sewn into a cross with an outline of crystal studs. Six long-stemmed bright red roses are embroidered around the edge. The bottom of the bag is red tooled leather.

Another selection is the Black Pony handbag. This beautiful bag has red tooled leather on the sides and underneath which is one continuous piece. There are three inch Zebra painted crosses on the front. There is red coral in the center of each cross and the crosses are studded with clear crystal. The sides and shoulder straps are tooled red leather. The Croc-crystal wedge design handbag has a black tooled leather rose on the front which is Crocodile textured leather. The rose on front is edged with fancy clear crystal and silver studs. All stitching is hand sewn with great care. There are also Kurtmen designs that are made completely with hand tooled leather designs. These are mostly sold in western wear stores. Their beautiful western designs are timeless and can be handed down through the generations.

So how can you tell if the Kurtmen handbags are real or fake? This is pretty to easy to tell because of the materials used. The leather used is only the highest quality, with excellent craftsmanship. The stitching is always perfectly even, never sloppy. There is also an identification label stitched inside which let’s the buyer know that this is an actual Kurtmen design handbags. Also check the lining of the bag which should be either satin or cotton, usually bright red with the Kurtmen logo. The inside of the bag will always smell of real leather instead of chemicals. The interior includes one side zipper pocket and three open pouch pockets. The logo plate is embellished with clear crystals. However, if you do find a site that is selling replicas of the Kurtmen design handbags report it to the Better Business Bureau. Also report the site to the Kurtmen designer site. Make sure that you have a real Kurtmen handbag and not a fake.